Mozilla will kill its Firefox for Android and replace it by Fenix next year

Mozilla, a company that develops one of the most popular browsers, said about its plans to “transplant” its Android users from Firefox on new mobile browser Fenix.

According to published by company report, Firefox for Android lifecycle will stop in 2020. Mozilla developers worked on Fenix during the last few months, experimenting with new interface that was optimized for usage on mobile devices.

In company assume, that young mobile users will appreciate new Internet-browser first.

“The new look Fenix turns the standard browser on its head, positioning the URL bar at the bottom of the screen. As per Techdows, the current Fenix preview suggests the browser will have a dark mode and grouped tabs”, – says ZDnet about new browser.

Development of Fenix is one of the reasons why Mozilla did not spoil users of Firefox for Android with new functions.

firefox dying
Time to die, Firefox
Now it became known about company’s plans concerning Firefox and Fenix. Mozilla plans launching Firefox 67 and Firefox 68 for Android in May and July respectively.

In September, Firefox 68 version will get status of Extended Support Release (ESP). It means that since Firefox 68 version, browser will get only safety patches.

In document is also mentioned, that in 2020 Firefox for Android will stop existing. Another browser will replace it.


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