Indonesian authorities Blocks Access to RAID Forum Due to Data Leakage

The Record drew attention to the fact that the Indonesian authorities blocked access to the well-known hacker RAID forum, trying to prevent the spread of confidential data of the country’s residents.

The fact is that on May 12, 2021, an announcement appeared on the forum about the sale of personal data of 279 million Indonesians. As evidence, the seller of this dump, known as Kotz, posted a sample containing information on a of million citizens.

The leak includes names, national IDs, tax registration information, mobile phone numbers, and for some citizens, photographs and salary information are also provided.

Although the leak is believed to contain outdated information and death tolls (279 million more than the current Indonesian population of 273 million), the Indonesian media found the data to be reliable.

Ultimately, the authenticity of the leak was confirmed by the Indonesian authorities.

Communications and Information Ministry (Kominfo).confirmed that a random check of the one million sample found authentic data and started an investigation together with the National Cyber and Crypto Agency (BSSN) and the Social Security Administrator for Health (BPJS). The Record journalists write.

It is assumed that the information may have been leaked from BPJS, but this has not yet been confirmed.

The country’s government also ordered ISPs to block access to the RAID forum and the URLs,, and, where samples of the stolen data were posted. This blocking has already been ridiculed on the network, since the blacklist is based on DNS, and the blocking can be bypassed using a proxy or VPN.

The announcement for the sale of the data has reportedly already been removed from the forum, shortly after the government’s ban. It is unclear if Kotz deleted the topic himself, or if the forum administrators did it.

But while Jakarta officials have confirmed the leak, rumors and hints of a massive hacking of the Indonesian government have been circulating since early 2020. At the time, another attacker disclosed data on 2.3 million Indonesian voters and similarly claimed to own a database containing the personal records of over 200 million Indonesians.

The General Election Commission (KPU) confirmed the authenticity of a sample of 2.3 million people, which was traced back to 2013, but did not confirm a larger violation.

However, let me remind you that recently we wrote that Hackers are driven into underground: three major hack forums banned advertising of ransomware.

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