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Dangerous vulnerabilities detected in Phoenix Contact hardware

A number of vulnerabilities have been discovered in Phoenix Contact industrial solutions that allow unauthorized access to configuration of devices, decrypt passwords, cause a denial of service, or bypass authentication.

In particular, problems affect industrial switches Phoenix Contact FL NAT SMx and controllers Phoenix Contact PLCNext AXC F 2152.

Phoenix Contact FL NAT SMx Solution contains a vulnerability (CVE-2019-9744) that allows an unauthorized user to access device settings.

The problem affects the following models: FL NAT SMN 8TX-M (2702443), FL NAT SMN 8TX-M-DMG (2989352), FL NAT SMN 8TX (2989365), and FL NAT SMCS 8TX (2989378). The severity of vulnerability is estimated as 8.8 points in the CVSS v3 scale.

The Phoenix Contact PLCNext AXC F 2152 solution revealed three vulnerabilities (CVE-2018-7559, CVE-2019-10998, CVE-2019-10997).

Using the first, attacker can decrypt the password set on the server.

Vulnerability CVE-2019-10998 allows bypassing device authentication mechanism (for a successful attack, an attacker will need physical access to the device).

By exploiting a third vulnerability, an attacker in “man in the middle” position can cause a malfunction in the PLC. Vulnerabilities affect following products: AXC F 2152-2404267 and AXC F 2152-1046568 (Starterkit).

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Currently, no exploitation of the above vulnerabilities has been identified.

Phoenix Contact recommends that you have a firewall.

Source: https://ics-cert.us-cert.gov

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  1. The security vulnerabilities are known to us. You will find corresponding information regarding industrial switches Phoenix Contact FL NAT SMx and controllers Phoenix Contact PLCnext AXC F 2152 on the US-Cert website (https://ics-cert.us-cert.gov/advisories/) and on our Phoenix Contact website (https://phoe.co/ProductSecurityIncidentResponseTeam) .

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