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Are your software friendly?

It is an irrefutable fact that user experience is critical, if not the most fundamental, element to driving software’s success. Such nerve-touching argument cuts across the board and it is absolute regardless of the software type. Software may range from operating systems, propriety software, end-user applications among others. In the …

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About No More Ransom project

No More Ransom project

What is No More Ransom project? Project No More Ransom, founded jointly by “Kaspersky Lab”, “Intel Security”, “Europol” and the law enforcement authorities of the Netherlands, a few months of its existence has helped to decipher the files of more than 2.5 thousand. Infected computers. This what you can find …

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Securing Information

web safety for business

The World Wide Web has radically altered the way business is conducted. The globalisation and the Internet have brought enormous opportunities and benefits to businesses. Today, the Internet provides lots of variants to promote various goods or services. Of course, the size and location of your business are becoming increasingly …

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