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New SMBv3 bug on Windows has worm potential

SMBv3 Has Worm Potential

Yesterday was the second Tuesday of the month, which means technology companies have released fixes for their products. However, Microsoft did not fix the new SMBv3 bug in Windows, which has worm potential. Therefore, in March 2020, Microsoft engineers eliminated 115 vulnerabilities, noting that this set of updates was the …

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Attackers try to use the new Capesand exploit pack with old code

Capesand Pack with Old Code

Attackers are testing the Capesand exploit pack, which is under active development. The analysis showed that the new tool borrows the old source codes of a similar project, posted publicly on GitHub five years ago. The Capesand exploit pack was first spotlighted during a recent malvertising campaign aimed at distributing …

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Gootkit malware operators left unprotected database in open access

The well-known information security expert Bob Dyachenko found that Gootkit operators left the databases open on servers with MongoDB. The detected databases contained a lot of personal information stolen from users. MalvarGootkit was first noticed by specialists back in 2014. It used to be a dangerous banking trojan, but over …

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