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Facebook was fined $ 5 billion for violation of confidentiality laws

Facebook is fined

The Federal Trade Commission has fined Facebook $ 5 billion. This decision was made by the regulator based on the results of a long-standing investigation regarding the practices of the Internet giant, which provided insufficient user privacy. “It would also represent one of the most aggressive regulatory actions by the …

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How to get rid of ads

The pop-ups are a social engineering attack that tries to deceive users into signing up for its push alerts so that they can send out undesirable advertisements straight to your desktop.

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Budak Virus Removal Guide (+Decrypt .budak files) – DJVU Ransomware

Budak Virus – Details The Budak stands for a ransomware-type infection. Initially, it was revealed by Michael Gillespie. The infection comes from the DJVU ransomware family. Budak was elaborated specifically to encrypt all major file types. When the file is encrypted people are not able to use them. Budak adds …

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