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About “License Key Revoked” pop-up scam

The “License Key Revoked” alerts are a social engineering assault that places your internet browser on full screen and also show pop-up messages that won’t go away, basically locking your browser. These phony alert messages aim to fool you right into calling a shown some support hotline. If you call …

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Passwords from 2 million Wi-Fi hotspots leaked on the Internet

wifi hotspot

Popular Android application for search of Wi-Fi hot spots uncovered passwords to more than two million networks. Application that was downloaded by thousands of users allows finding nearby Wi-Fi points. It comes about Wi-Fi Finder apps that enables users to upload passwords from Wi-Fi networks in special base so other …

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Tips to delete

What Is as well as various other unwanted sites may start turning up on your open browser from time to time after some adware obtain set up on your device. Adware is typically dispersed through free software websites as well as websites offering software program cracks. After obtaining …

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