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A new era of viruses: Coin-Miners

Coin mining has paved its way into the future and it’s not planning to stop just there. Coin mining is the process of running mining hardware which runs cryptographic hashing functions. These functions are run on what is commonly referred to as a block reader. For each independent hash being …

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Why we still keep our photo on CD-disks?

With the increased popularity of digital cameras and smartphones with cameras more and more people are taking pictures. Once they take these pictures they will need a place to store them until they figure what in the world they plan to do with all of the pictures that they took. …

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Online Banking Security Tip – Be Secure Transacting Online

Online banking isn’t the latest craze, though its niceties and conveniences we yearned for are here and truly with us forever. Whether it is opening a bank account, transferring funds, asking for a loan, make purchases online or just about anything, all you can do is make the request right …

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