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Ransomware attacked a major ASP.NET provider

Ransomware attacked ASP.NET provider

A major ASP.NET provider, SmarterASP.NET, which serves more than 440,000 customers, was attacked by a ransomware during this weekend. As a result, all data on the client servers was encrypted. Representatives of SmarterASP.NET claim that they are already working on recovering user data, but it is unclear whether the company …

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Peet Virus Removal Guide (+Decrypt .peet files)

Peet Virus Ransomware Peet is a harmful software functioning as typical ransomware. Michael Gillespie, the well-known virus researcher, first discovered this new name in the DJVU ransomware family. Peet was developed for the sole purpose to encrypt all popular file types. Logically, as quickly as the encryption is successfully achieved, …

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How to remove pop-ups

The pop-ups are a social engineering attack that attempts to deceive users into subscribing to its push alerts so that they can send unwanted advertisements straight to your desktop.

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