Latest Windows 10 update does not allow users to enter UK government websites

Microsoft acknowledged presence of errors in May cumulative updates for Windows 10, installation of which can be to impossibility to enter some websites on inbuilt in OS browsers.

According to information on Microsoft official website, installation of relevant patches can lead to impossibility to download a series of UK governmental websites in Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

“After installation of updates that were released on May 14, some websites that does not support HTTP Strict Transport Security mechanisms can be unavailable in Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge browsers” – says the message.

One of changes in the released updates added domains in HTTP-domains of highest level of transport security (HSTS TLD) for Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

Though in general in increases level of security while connection to these websites, this interferes work of sites that do not support HSTS.

Problem does not spread on other browsers as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge on the base of Chromium.

Described above error can arise with installation of the following updates: KB4494441 (for Windows 10 version 1809), KB4494441 (Windows Server 2019), KB4499167 (Windows 10 version 1803), KB4499179 (Windows 10 version 1709), KB4499181 (Windows 10 version 1703), KB4494440 (Windows 10 version 1607) and KB4494440 (Windows Server 2016).

Recently engineers of the company are working on elimination of the problem.

HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) — is a mechanism that activates protected connection through the HTTPS protocol. This security policy allows immediately install safe connection instead of using HTTP-protocol. Mechanism uses special HTTP heading as Strict-Transport-Security for forced use by browser HTTPS even in case of following the links with explicit indication of HTTP protocol.


Daniel Zimmermann

Daniel Zimmermann has been writing on security and malware subjects for many years and has been working in the security industry for over 10 years. Daniel was educated at the Saarland University in Saarbrücken, Germany and currently lives in New York.

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